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Android RPG Games for an Absorbing Experience

Many people now enjoy playing games on their smartphones and tablets, and role-playing games are one of the most loved gaming genres. Millions of eager gamers like to take on the mantle of another character and lose themselves in a story-driven game set in a mystical or alternative world. Mobile gaming makes it possible to experience role-playing games wherever you are. It’s a great way to have fun, either on your own or as part of a co-op, and many people soon discover that one hour can quickly become much more!

The massive diversity of these types of games in the Google Play Store can make it difficult to decide where to begin. Whether you’re new to RPGs or a loyal player, we’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up suggestions for the 10 best Android RPG games that are currently available. Even better? Many of the best RPGs available on Google Play are also free.

Get some action with these premium Android Role Playing Games
1. THE BARD’S TALE ($2.99)
Players of this highly addictive RPG take on the role of the Bard and request assistance from further characters in their quest. In-app purchases are available but not essential. A total of 16 characters can be summoned to heal, take the damage instead of you, or join in the conquest, with the whole adventure taking between 20 and 30 hours. The world of the Bard includes towns, rivers, castles, forests, secret dungeons, haunted tombs and much more.

Features include 50 types of enemy with additional ‘boss’ enemies and more than 150 types of weaponry. It’s all done with plenty of humor including song and dance numbers (check out the zombie dance-off), and more than 14 hours of voice acting from some of the best talents in Hollywood.

2. EVOLAND ($5.28)
Evoland android RPGs

This RPG is packed with adventure and takes you on a journey of progression. Although you’ll start with classic monochrome 2D action/adventure, as you collect stars and attain achievements you’ll be able to unlock better graphics, with new gameplay systems and technologies. Once you’re playing full 3D graphics, you can return to the starting area for an enhanced experience.

The game involves a world of puzzles, secrets, dungeons, and an overworld that you can explore with an airship. Evoland offers humor along the way and something for everyone, whether you enjoy turn-based battles or real-time combat.

3. CRASHLANDS ($4.99)
This RPG has plenty of attitudes and involves making your way across Crashlands. Your character is Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker who ends up marooned on an alien planet by a Hewgodooko. As you explore the world in an attempt to retrieve your packages, you’ll uncover secrets, build yourself a base and home, come across deadly bosses, and acquire new friends.

The game has hundreds of quests, and there are over 500 craftable items to unlock, with an infinite inventory that will produce your tools just as you need them for skill-based combat. You’ll be able to tame creatures, and even incubate and hatch them in four races across three continents on planet Woanope.

4. CHAOS RINGS 3 ($21.60)

The famous Chaos Rings 3 got everything you would expect from mobile RPG. Enjoy a great gameplay, characters with a deep storyline, beautiful soundtrack, and stunning graphics. If you love adventures, discover new lands, hunt treasures, fight monsters than Chaos Rings us the best android RPG to install. Apparently, all the fun comes at a high price tag. If you got enough to spend for a mobile game then go ahead.

The following are some of the best free RPGs for Android.
The next in our selection of the best Android RPG games has recently received an update. Star Conflict Heroes sees you assembling your fleet in a sci-fi space action game where you fight other players on a galactic journey. You’ll command an armada of spacecraft and head across the universe to gain more starships and upgrade them. The tactical combat will see you up against bosses, aliens and even pirates in real-time 4v4 combat in a bid to assemble your fleet of starships. Players can also compete in PVP Arena clashes to gain a place on the leaderboard and win prizes in tournaments. Note that once again, in-app purchases are available.

Mage And Minions role playing game

This game has a distinction against most other role-playing games as it can also be played offline. This intense hack-and-slash action game feels slightly old school in a good way, and it’s free although there are in-app purchase options. Different story lines will see you come up against aliens, beasts, robots, demons and more as you battle sinister forces who are threatening home. From slaying dragons, crafting gear, and grabbing armor from the defeated demons, it’s a lot of fun.


This one previously featured as one of Google Play’s ‘Best New Games’ and you could be hooked before you know it. You’ll be looting treasures as you send your heroes into battle, aiming and casting skills in a blast of power, all by tapping, swiping, and slinging your finger. The game requires tactical thinking and turn-based combat, so you’ll need to tweak your formations and plan your strategy wisely. You’ll face legions of monsters that will want to stop you in your mission, but you’ll be helped by the unique skills that come with every hero. Options include multiplayer game modes, co-op levels, and real-time PVP battles.

This RPG (with in-app purchases) offers a wealth of features although it will take up a notable amount of storage on your device. This is especially the case if you want to take advantage of the multitude of skills and spells and over 900 weapons. Players in this world of darkness need to advance through the dungeons to unlock new armor, weapons, and further weapon upgrades. Your treasures sit in your own dungeons, and you’ll need to recruit minions to protect your loot. Meanwhile, you can also construct Trap Rooms to try to catch out the monsters and villains. There are 69 levels in the expansive solo campaign, or you can form a co-op with up to three friends as allies.


You might find that this isometric game brings back a touch of classic nostalgia. It’s a single player action RPG, and in the free version, you’ll be able to choose between being a Rogue or a Warrior. It involves 15 areas and many quests (15 completable). Alternatively, a single in-app purchase will unlock the full version with Iron Man mode and no further activations necessary. For this, you’ll find 85 areas as well as 68 quests and around 80 extra hours of gameplay with ever-growing content. You’ll need to make the right choices as you explore the world and the hundreds of characters you’ll come across. Characters can be customized with items and skills to battle your enemies, but be careful, as death is never far away.

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